• Dec 28, 2013 Avonte Oquendo's family attorney. David Perecman said he obtained Oquendo's teachers noticed. he was missing at 12:40 p m. , and at 12:56 
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      Oct 24, 2013. According to a teachers' union memo, certain security features could have. prevented the 14-year-old autistic boy's October 4 disappearance 
    • Oct 10, 2013 Police have stepped up the search. for Avonte Oquendo, who has been kids who are supervised by one teacher and one paraprofessional
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      Oct 17, 2013 As the search for Avonte Oquendo approaches week three, with. Instead, Avonte was placed in a classroom. with one teacher, one aide, and 
    • Oct 11, 2013 Avonte Oquendo was last seen at about 12:40 p. m. on Oct. 4 walking out of “I would tell all his teachers, 'Please. keep a close eye on Avonte
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      Oct 19, 2013 It's been two weeks since Avonte. Oquendo went missing from his Long talking about teachers [badly] and complaining. about the amount of 
    • Dec 29, 2013. Timeline shows school's response to Avonte Oquendo's disappearance was At 12:40. p m , Oquendo's teacher. noticed he was missing.
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      Oct 8, 2013 are continuing to search for 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo of Queens. She wants to know where his teacher was and what happened to the 
    • Oct 24, 2013. Avonte Oquendo has been missing. since October 4th. according to an internal memo written by a teachers' union official that was obtained 
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      Oct 15, 2013. Eleven days after Avonte Oquendo vanished after leaving the to be in a class with one teacher and one paraprofessional for every six pupils.