• May 18, 2012. “Nobody's going to make fun of Betty White Everyone cracked jokes about everyone else, with varying levels of success, but hands down, 
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      Betty White Jokes We also have Betty White Jokes quotes and sayings related to Betty White Jokes Jan 8, 2013 The busiest woman in Hollywood. dropped by "Late Night. " Betty White was on to promote the season. premiere of her prank series "Betty 
    • Jan 17, 2012. She's spunkier than most people half. her age, but Betty White turns an Even President Obama got in on the jokes, asking White in a 
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      May 16, 2012 The 90-year-old comedic actress Betty White was the “ghost of (as do some of the jokes) are not for the easily offended, and if things go right, 
    • Jun 20, 2013. I love Betty White, but I'm. not a fan of that wax sculpture Not actually said by her (actually part of a joke. by comedian Sheng Wang) but I still 
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    • She also hosted NBCs practical-joke show Betty White's Off Their Rockers which resulted in two Emmy nominations. Regarded as a television pioneer for being 
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      Feb 5, 2013 "Best thing about being in your '90s is you're spoiled rotten," the Hot in Cleveland star says
    • Aug 27, 2013 We think the jokes have peaked now, so let's round up the best of 'em and THIS SALIENT POINT, COURTESY OF. BETTY WHITE FOR SOME 
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      As a 24 year old guy with an awesome sense. of humour, well Betty White has it doesn't appear the people being pranked are actually actors in on the joke.