• May 29, 2012. Betty White explains why Bea Arthur didn't Like her and what they did throughout the show
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      Betty White and Bea Arthur detested each other You must understand both Betty & Bea have their good qualities, but both are women who have spent decades in http://www youtube. com/watch?v=yqTi7rsk3GY 
    • Apr 30, 2009. In candid new interview, Rue McClanahan remembers Bea Arthur and the late star's dislike of Betty White By Greg Hernandez on Apr 30, 2009 
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      Jan 18, 2013 Yesterday, I mentioned Mike Pingel's new book Betty White Rules the World: The Ultimate and Unauthorized Guide to Television's Grand Dame 
    • From 1947, Bea Arthur studied at the Dramatic Workshop of The New School in New. the U S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure. nationwide in the Roe v Arthur's co-stars from The Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan and Betty White, 
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      Feb 28, 2013. And as Betty White has always described it, Rose wasn't stupid She was naïve. I do know that Bea Arthur one time said, "Betty will die at work. " And that was The Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years, Round One: Friends vs.
    • May 4, 2011. HLN's Joy Behar talks with Betty White about being last surviving. "Golden Girls" and how Bea Arthur did not like her
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      Jul 11, 2013. She wouldn't go to lunch [with me]. unless Betty [White] would go with. Bea Arthur died from cancer in 2009 at age 86, and Estelle Getty, who 
    • May 5, 2011 Bea Arthur was SO JEALOUS of. Betty White's popularity That B*TCH Sounds like this may be a case of Anthony Bourdain v. Rachael Ray
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      Jul 9, 2013 1) Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Rue didn't have much of a friendship the producers originally wanted her for the role of Rose, and Betty White