• Ride along the lakefront path and beaches of picturesque Lake Michigan on a Jamis Commuter bicycle, or create your own route mixing architecture, shops and  
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      Enjoy the city skyline and Lake Michigan by accessing the Lakefront Trail riders a chance to visit Lake Michigan and Chicago's beaches by bicycle. This 18 -mile, paved trail path runs directly along. the lake shore from Hollywood Avenue to 
    • Safety tips and information regarding Chicago's Lakefront Trail. Neighborhoods · Plan Your Trip Along the trail are parks, beaches, gardens and amenities like washrooms, drinking fountains, and concession stands ( Trail Safety Tips courtesy of the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) 57th Street and. Lake Shore Dr
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      Chicago has a national reputation as one of the best. large cities in the United States for bicycling. The City of Chicago has achieved this goal by investing in 
    • Apr 5, 2011. Along the shores of Lake Michigan, the Chicago Lakefront North Bike Trail runs 18 5 miles from the Rodgers Park neighborhood to the South 
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      May 29, 2010. Chicago biking along Lake Michigan. calls out to the adventurer in. grandchildren who live in Chicago and love to ride, it's only a matter of time 
    • In November 2001, Bicycling magazine honored Chicago as the “Best Cycling City. an 18-mile multi-use path along Lake Michigan called the Lakefront Trail.
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      Tennis Court. Volleyball. Court Soccer Field. Baseball/Softball. Diamond Skate. Park. Bike. Lane. LincolnPark West 13/5. Michigan. Ave Clark St Lake Sh GreenwoodAve Oakenwald Ave. 4 2 n d. P l. Lake Shore Dr 4 0 th. S t. 4 1 st St
    • This walkway affords great views of Lake Michigan, as well as Chicago's skyline. Other than that, it's a great trail to walk or bike along I ride my bike every single day from work, getting onto the trail at the end of Michigan Ave and taking it 
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      Located east of Lakeshore Drive, the. Chicago Lakefront Trail is an 18 5-mile linear park along Lake Michigan that includes beaches, volleyball courts, While visiting Chicago, we ran and rode bikes on the Lakefront Bike Path. Beautiful ride.