• Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells Snub Lolo Jones; Make Themselves Way. interview with Michelle Beadle on NBC today, her teammates seem 
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      Michelle Kwan image Michelle Kwan 12%. Other. image Other 6%. 2014 Figure Skating European Championship: Lipnitskaia. interview · Universal Sports
    • Aug 8, 2012. Team USA track and field medal winners Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells are so not told MSNBC's Michelle Beadle that they are so over the Lolo angle Dawn or Kellie won but they do remember the jealous interview with 
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      Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper captured the silver in the 100 m hurdles, and Kellie Wells. in a few subtle digs this morning in. an interview with Michelle Beadle:
    • Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells appeared on NBC Sports on Wednesday The two were asked by host Michelle. Beadle about their highly 
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      Aug 8, 2012 Speaking with NBC's Michelle Beadle, Dawn Harper. and Kellie Wells made it clear that they. Watch the Harper and Wells interview below: 
    • Aug 8, 2012. Olympic medalists Dawn Harper (silver). and Kellie Wells (bronze) went on The interview ends with Harper saying, "Boom, just like that " And the host Michelle Beadle replying, "You can cut the tension in here with a knife "
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      Aug 8, 2012. Michelle Beadle asked them this morning Beadle promised real-getting, and. Harper and Wells delivered But with attitudes and interviews like the one in this post I don't know why you'd expect any different in the future @Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells: Take a higher road, and if you don't like your 
    • Aug 8, 2012. Teammates Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells joined NBC Sports Network. Sports on Wednesday morning, where Michelle Beadle asked her about those comments After the jump is video (and a. transcript) of the interview
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      Aug 9, 2012 American hurdling champs Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells made it clear Wednesday that they wouldn't. Harper and Wells expressed their frustration during an interview on NBC Sports. asked studio host Michelle Beadle.