• Dawn Wells is most famous for her girl. next door role on Gilligan, but she and how she was the only cast member to. make a deal for long term residuals. Dawn  
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      20 hours ago. “Gilligan's Island”: Jim Backus, Russell Johnson, Natalie Schafer, Bob Denver, Tina Louise, Alan Hale Jr , Dawn Wells, 1964-1967
    • Mar 4, 1985. Dawn Wells (Mary Ann). Wells, 47ish, appears frequently onstage Of her failure to receive residuals, she points out, "This is the contract 
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      Starpulse com has Dawn Wells Biography and more. Rosen had also brokered a lucrative backend deal, which ensured the actress residual payments should 
    • Nov 9, 2010 No less an actress than Raquel Welch lost out to Dawn Wells for the The cast didn't get residuals beyond the. first four reruns of each episode 
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      Sep 8, 2010 Dawn Wells grew up in Nevada, not Kansas, but her life was no less her to collecting residuals only the first five times any episode re-ran 
    • A wholesome beauty from Reno, Nevada, Dawn Wells was on her way to Island (1964) never received residuals beyond the first four reruns of each episode
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      Feb 15, 2012. The TV classic "Gilligan's Island" aired for three seasons and for decades after that in syndication But as Dawn Wells, the actress who played 
    • The part of Mary Ann was played by Dawn Wells - pure Americana herself quoted as bitter about the lack of residuals (the standard at the time called for 
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      Jul 18, 2001 Dawn Wells -- best known as Mary Ann on the long-lasting sitcom Gilligan's Island. Had we had some of those residuals. everybody had, sure.