• Dec 12, 2012 Dawn Wells, known to the world as Mary Ann from the famed sitcom "Gilligan's are true and that she's merely. cutting back due to her age
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      2 days. ago Wells, 75, who played the sexy but wholesome Mary Ann Summers in the CBS sitcom, “Ginger was very tall and everyone else. was over six feet tall,' she said in a Now, a new movie may breathe. new life into the franchise
    • Jul 8, 2013 Now 74, actress Dawn Wells will visit the Triad this week for the Dawn Wells could hear well-wishers telling her to “break a leg,” she had to 
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      Jan 4, 2011. Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligans Island) appearing as a guest on Australian nostalgia TV series 'Where Are They Now' in 2006.
    • Apr 28, 2008. Dawn Wells Sets the Record Straight about Her Arrest. Island (1964): Where Are They Now?by wherearetheynowguy610,913 views; 1:26:32.
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      Mar 11, 2008 A surprise birthday party for Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Wells is now serving six months' unsupervised probation for the crime. County sheriff's Deputy Joseph Gutierrez. arrested Wells as she was driving 
    • Oct 18, 2012 Dawn Wells, who played Mary. Ann Summers, the ponytailed. when given to American men of a certain age as an insight into their characters, 
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      A wholesome beauty from Reno, Nevada, Dawn Wells was on her way to becoming a ballerina, but Wells majored in drama during her collegiate years ( she was originally going to study. Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale ( 1992)
    • In 1998, she founded the Dawn Wells' Film Actors Boot Camp in Driggs, Idaho the show back then are still watching, but with their grandchildren now. That is 
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      Dawn Elberta Wells (born October 18, 1938) is an American actress widely known for. Wells was born in Reno, Nevada, where she attended Reno High School. Made-for-TV Movie: herself; Super Sucker (2002); Forever for Now ( 2004)