• This is the front cover art for the book Flowers in the Attic written by V C. Andrews Source It is believed that the cover art can or could be obtained from Simon 
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    • Thanks to graphic artist Lisa Falkenstern, we have these exclusive, never before seen photos and sketches of the development of the Flowers in the Attic book 
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      So she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused attic Flowers in the Attic was the novel that started it all--and it remains far and away her most famous , a revered Cover Art © 1987 New World Pictures and Fries Entertainment
    • Nov 14, 2013 But make no mistake, Flowers in the Attic isn't a romance for his interest in being a doctor and his love of books, but he has an artistic side
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      Nov 15, 2013 An Obsessively Close Read of the 'Flowers. in the Attic' Trailer. So look: it was never a reasonable possibility. that the Lifetime Flowers in the Attic movie Flavorwire covers cultural events, art, books, music, and world news
    • May 14, 2008 So i did one with the famous flowers in the attic design Nothing. special. k- braun Jul 2, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist I don't understand this
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      Jul 28, 2013 Publishers trying to get teens today to read the controversial 1979 book have catapulted over the line
    • Jul 24, 2013 The latest edition of Flowers in the Attic came out a few years ago, published by Pocket Books. It was a reprint of a popular story first published 
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      Dec 5, 2003 Submitted by jbyron. on December 5, 2003. I also liked this design on. the pink and yellow shirts The softer, more feminine colors mixed with the