• 1 day ago Flowers in the Attic,” on Lifetime, is an incest story about children. If you're going to make a movie about four children who are locked in their 
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      Distributed by, New World. Pictures (theatrical) Flowers in the Attic is a 1987 psychological horror film. starring Louise Fletcher, Victoria Tennant, Kristy 
    • 2 days ago Flowers in the Attic was adapted into a campy 1987 horror movie starring. The new version stars Heather Graham. as Corrine Dollanganger, 
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      Find out more about Flowers in the Attic, a Lifetime original movie based on V C But as her visits begin to wane after. she becomes involved with a new 
    • 1 day ago Broadway veteran Ellen Burstyn (Picnic), Heather Graham and Kiernan Sipka, the stars of the new Lifetime movie adaptation of the clasic novel 
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      Nov 14, 2013 The new adaptation of cult favorite Flowers in the Attic -- starring Mad A 1987 film that starred Kristy Swanson, Victoria Tennant, and Louise 
    • Nov 15, 2013. Watch The Trailer For Lifetime's. Flowers In The Attic. cult following for much of the 1980s and 90s has been given the film treatment — the first 
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      2 days. ago. And the new Lifetime movie. is not up to the job. Flowers in the Attic, like so many Lifetime movies, tells the story of a young woman triumphing 
    • Thanks to the eagle-eyes of some of our Facebook fans, we hear that the new Flowers in the Attic movie re-make is in post-production and will be on Lifetime in  
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      1 day ago The "Flowers" may have been in. the attic, but the book was hidden under. Now Lifetime has made a new TV movie. out of the book, and sticks