• Oct 28, 2013 You might get a chance to get your hands on Google Glass sooner than. Explorers can buy Glass online, and have it shipped directly to them, 
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      Jul 31, 2013 Google started sending out emails on Tuesday to existing owners of the prototype. Android-enthused glasses, allowing them to pick a friend to 
    • Dec 30, 2013 An anecdote: I wanted to wear Google Glass during the birth of our second I figured I'd just wait until the time came, pop them on, and see what happened I didn't have to convince her I should take pictures or shoot video
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      Nov 12, 2013 In the past, the only way to get your. hands on the Google Glass was to be. They are obviously getting sheep to do this for them and make 
    • Find great deals on eBay for Google. Glass in Domain Name Services Shop with They have never been used, I just received them from google this morning
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      Dec 31, 2013 Once Google has a completed list, people will get an email inviting them to spend the $1500 (plus tax) to have their Glass, in their color of 
    • 3 days. ago No one outside of Google got their Glass before March of last year or two with a Google employee in a Best Buy just to get them working, that 
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      Jan 3, 2014. The premise of Google Glass is that you can easily get emails and texts. people need to wear them enough for the world to get used to Glass
    • If you do not understand the Terms or do not. accept any part of them, do not place When you use a Glass device or any Google. software or services through 
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      The conversation is just getting started Sign up to stay informed about. the Glass Explorer Program Dec 11, 2013 The Google Glass Explorer program is the single most expensive I never would purchase them, mind you, but. I'd stare for a while and let the