• Oct 25, 2013 Samsung calls it a 'sports glass' and. doesn't expect it to be worn all day Google Glass is expected to retail for about $1,500 making it a luxury 
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      Apr 30, 2013 Google Glass does not have a cellular radio built in, but it can make calls via Bluetooth through your phone To be truly useful, however, it does 
    • 23 hours ago Peter Chiang with Sullivan Solar Power navigates the Google eyeglass. trackpad to make a cell phone call back to his office The company uses 
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      May 3, 2013. Google Glass — $1,500 frames that display recent smartphone and Google. account communications, receive phone calls, send texts, take 
    • May 9, 2013 As Google Glass currently stands, audio is a mixed bag If you're in a quiet place, voice calls are average You're able to hear the other person 
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      Mar 13, 2013. http://www roadtovr com/2013/02/27/google-glass-news-everything-we-. in promotion video of google glass we can make and recive call…
    • Make a video call to share life experiences. over the air, with anyone in the world You'll see them in your display, and they'll see your point of view on theirs.
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      Share whatever you're seeing or doing in the moment, with anyone in the world, by. starting a video call with any of your contacts with a Google+ account or with 
    • Pair your Bluetooth phone to Glass to make and receive phone calls through Glass Once you do, say "ok. glass, make a call to. "
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      If you've paired your mobile phone to Glass, Glass acts as a Bluetooth headset for your phone and you'll be able to place and receive phone calls through Glass