• Mar 12, 2013 Update: Google has posted over on their Project Glass blog at G+ that they already have a glasses wearing prototype in use Source: CNET 
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      Dec 20, 2013 Move over, Google. Glass. A Lebanese entrepreneur and his cofounder have just. debuted a pair of wearable glasses that displays. to build apps for Google Glass, Atheer allows the. million or so existing Android apps to 
    • 1 day. ago She got a ticket for wearing Google Glass after being pulled over by a California Cecelia Abadie, left, wears the high-tech. glasses while her attorney, William Or are they going to allow judges to. interpret (existing law) on a 
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      Oct 30, 2013 Google Glass gets new version, features prescription glasses support, mono earbud:. only program, will get a one-time option to exchange their existing Glass for a new one, Mother's Day Google doodles over the years
    • Mar 11, 2013 So every time I see promotional puffery for Google's informational eyewear, I try to work out how I could put them on over -- or, perhaps, under 
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      May 21, 2013 The nose piece is intentionally larger than it needs to be so people who wear glasses can sculpt them to reach over their existing frames and 
    • The first Glass demo resembles a pair of normal eyeglasses where the lens is of a patient who was 49 years old, could be streamed worldwide over the internet , Glass also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, 
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      Apr 13, 2012 Google wants Project Glass to work with your prescription glasses to prescription glasses, describing its plans. for making it work with existing frames achieved, making sure that it doesn't. over-encumber the wearer's face.
    • Nov 7, 2013. Updated Are Google's glasses. more than just a gimmick? different designs that will enable Glass to be attached to e?xisting frames when plankton took over and gave everyone a bucket to wear on their head (or wall-e).
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      Oct 28, 2013. Upgrades will go out to existing users in November; we just don't know for how much Dec 20, 2013 They also have two major advantages over Google Glass since they offer a bigger field of vision and can allow all existing Android apps to work