• Apr 19, 2013 The man who tried to sell his coveted Google Glass on eBay, to the dismay of fellow devotees, says he figured he had the right to do it
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      Nov 26, 2013 However, Google Glass is now available on sites. like eBay and Craiglist after the tech giant This has led to a large increase of eBay sales
    • Oct 28, 2013 As of this writing, I spotted 26 Google Glass invites for sale There's a good chance that eBay will ban these listings since they're not selling 
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      Nov 5, 2013. From Yahoo News: There's a price. if you want to end Google Glass FOMO In the Glass' terms of sale agreement, there doesn't appear to be 
    • Nov 7, 2013. Perhaps Google realized that deactivating Glass if Explorers sell or give. to sell, you likely won't find one listed on eBay, and chances are any 
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      Apr 17, 2013. Google Glass Bid Up To $95,300 On eBay Before Seller Realized He. Glass had gotten terms of service agreements prohibiting the sale or 
    • Nov 8, 2013 We learnt, just last night, that Google had relaxed. its rules on Glass Explorers by, sort And already they're starting to appear for sale on eBay
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      Nov 25, 2013. Google isn't expected to release its futuristic Glass device to the public until. next year, but if you really want one now, there are plenty on sale 
    • Find great deals on eBay for "google glass" invite and google glass explorer Shop with confidence
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      Google Glass comes with what are in the pictures, which are:1 Google Glass Explorer. Edition Black v2 I have a pair of Google. Glass BLUE for sale