• Sep 26, 2013. had the opportunity to use Google Glass is a pretty exclusive club, but that group is about to get bigger with a new demo tour for the headset
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      Dec 31, 2013 US Jewish Federation pilot program enabled participants to share their Israel experience in new ways
    • Oct 7, 2013 Google is taking Glass on the. road, going across the U. S to let people. Soon after that announcement, Google brought Glass on tour to give 
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      Dec 19, 2013 Seven families on ultimate high-tech visit to share experiences using cutting- edge connectivity device.
    • Sep 27, 2013 Google wants to put the public in the know about Glass
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      Sep 26, 2013 Until now, getting a hold of Google Glass has meant joining its $1500 Explorer program and picking them up in one of a select few cities
    • Sep 26, 2013 First stop Durham, N. C The Web giant launches a tour of US cities so that commoners can check out the company's latest wearable tech
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      Dec 6, 2013 The Google Glass marketing tour will make its. third stop next weekend in Austin, Texas The public is invited to get a. hands-on experience with 
    • Sep 27, 2013 Google is slowly building up momentum for Google Glass: Aside from the 8000 Glass Explorers using the product, Google is taking Glass on 
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      How does it feel to wear Google Glass? Watch to find out Jan 7, 2014. We toured the CES showfloor a day before it opened The famously-chaotic crowd was missing, but it. was replaced with the hustle of workers