• Aug 9, 2013. the price of Glass at $299 They're wrong Sources: Google Glass will cost more than $299 at release. Jason Gilbert By Jason It gained so much steam, in fact, that I was moved to check into it So I did And it's. wrong
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      Feb 20, 2013. Google posted a video of its upcoming Google Glass wearable Google Glass will allow users "to. receive and execute onscreen 9 Other Things Scientists Should Invent Now. That They've Taken Care Of Lightsabers
    • Aug 23, 2013 As for the price, there is really no way. of knowing how much Google will charge. I' d actually be surprised if Google knew The $299 price. tag 
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      Nov 20, 2013 Cost aside, society at large is still trying to get used to the device, with many and there's no telling how long. Google Glass will take to get there used to getting strange looks, and no, they're not thinking you look cool. taping your smartphone to your forehead would make it that much easier to steal
    • Jun 12, 2013. While much of the reveal is just "gadget porn" for those into seeing the internals of So what do these things cost? On Glass, they must cost less The question is what Google will charge for Glass so you can access those 
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      Dec 28, 2013. Barring unforeseen complications, Google Glass will have gone public by then and. The components apparently. cost around $210 success, especially since they've already been the subject of much derision and scrutiny
    • Sep 3, 2013. Google itself has been tightlipped about the cost of Glass, with one exception: A couple people said they think Glass will be as low as $200
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      Apr 5, 2012 How much will the glasses cost? Speaking to [Nick] Bilton, someone who has used the glasses. said, "They let technology get out of your way.
    • Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. the Glass was initially projected to be available to the public for "around the cost of Glass also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, do what machines do best, thereby freeing up humans to do what they do best"
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      Nov 7, 2013. Does Project Glass represent the next big step in mobile communications? With so much new information surrounding Google Glass, we have completely They are unlikely to be super-cheap - but Google's success with the Nexus 7 store, selling Google Glass add-ons and extras at premium prices