• Jan 8, 2014 Cracked Saskatchewan bridge expected to reopen to one-way traffic while Amber Kirwan murder trial · Immigration. detention · Hiroo Onoda 
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      But no one knew what to do. when he finally cracked. So Awful You Have to Catch the Sunrise on a Big Screen · Hiroo Onoda, World's 'Last Ninja', Dead at 91  
    • Oct 30, 2013 40 more maps that explain the world · Hiroo Onoda, Japanese. soldier who hid in Philippine jungle for 29 years, dies at 91. Adam Bernstein 
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      Apr 26, 2013 AP program isn't all it's cracked up to be — study Hiroo Onoda, Japanese soldier who hid in Philippine jungle for 29 years, dies at 91 4
    • Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda who refused to surrender after WWII and http:// www cracked com/article_15231_7-reasons-21st-century- 
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      Nov 30, 2012 But a team of Brown University students. has finally cracked the code. AP PHOTO: Hiroo Onoda, last Japanese imperial soldier to emerge 
    • Apr 9, 2013. TIL that the last soldier to surrender. after WWII was Hiroo Onoda in 1974. I'm just glad he. started with Onoda. Yesterday on cracked.
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      Hiroo Onoda · Mae Young · Ariel Sharon · Russell Johnson Cracked. com's 16 Overlooked Deaths of 2013. Health --> Deaths The Troggs represent Reg 
    • Dec 7, 2005. On December 17, 1944, the Japanese army sent a twenty-three year old soldier named Hiroo Onoda to the Philippines to join the Sugi Brigade
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      Feb 6, 2009 Glamour if the guys who invented the Internet hadn't stuck with it? But for some people, perseverance beats them up, slaps them around and