• Feb 26, 2013 Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda is the most. famous of the so-called Japanese Amazingly, the 51-year-old Onoda was not the last Japanese straggler 
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      1 day. ago Old Photos The story of Second Lieutenant. Onoda Hiroo is one of the more Onoda's group did not find. these to be convincing either
    • 1 day ago. Hiroo Onoda, Soldier Who Hid in Jungle for Decades, Dies at 91, via @nytimes http://nyti ms/1maarJG Reply; Retweet Retweeted; Delete 
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      1 day ago TOKYO (AP) — Hiroo Onoda, the. last Japanese imperial soldier to Onoda wore his 30-year-old imperial army uniform, cap and sword, all still 
    • 1 day ago Hiroo Onoda, an army intelligence officer, caused a sensation when he was In his formal surrender to Marcos, Onoda wore his 30-year-old 
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      Intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda, who was relieved of duty by his former commanding. officer on Lubang Island in the Philippines in March 1974, and Teruo 
    • Hiroo Onoda (??? ??, Onoda Hiroo, March 19, 1922 – January 16, 2014) was an. When he was 17 years old, he went to work. for the Tajima Yoko trading  
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      10 hours. ago. Hiroo Onoda was. 91 years old. In 1944, Onoda was sent to the small island of. Lubang in the western Philippines to spy on U S forces in the 
    • hace 1 día. Tokyo (CNN) -- Hiroo Onoda, un soldado japonés que luchó en la Segunda Guerra Mundial y no se rindió sino hasta mediados de la década 
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      Japón: Último soldado en rendirse muere a 91 añosHiroo Onoda, el último soldado japonés en rendirse en 1974, fallece de 91. The Associated Press3. hours