• Feb 9, 2010. Hiroo Onoda is a Japanese citizen. that originally worked at a to his country and his duty, as well as. fortitude unmatched by many in history.
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      Apr 9, 2013. TIL that the last soldier to surrender after WWII was Hiroo Onoda in 1974. I was twelve and watching the history. channel with my grandpa
    • 6 hours ago Hiroo Onoda's signature was on one of the many handwritten messages children to be tough and be able to channel their “primitive” selves.
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      20 hours. ago. Hiroo Onoda (pictured) died on Thursday. at a Tokyo hospital after a brief. Parched earth: Satellite images that show how the worst drought in HISTORY is Abigail Breslin channels her dark side. in an all black ensemble 
    • How History Repeats. Itself Superboys Releases album "Hiroo Onoda", 2001 Art [ USA / History Channel ] Includes interviews with Hiroo Onoda, and aired in  
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      Nov 12, 2010. Japanese man Hiroo Onoda continued to fight his own gorilla war for 29. 5 | Favorites: 6 | Shared: 0 | Updates: 0 | Times used in channels: 1
    • Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda of the Japanese Imperial Army's Intelligence Division was asses and executing balls-out guerilla raids against the local police station
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      Feb 17, 2011 Photograph showing Japanese Lieutenant Onoda But the most extraordinary story belongs to. Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda, who continued 
    • May 19, 2010 Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda (??? ?? Onoda Hiroo; born March 19, 1922 ) is a former Japanese army intelligence officer who fought in 
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      1 day. ago TOKYO (AP) — Hiroo Onoda, the. last Japanese imperial soldier to. from the English Channel off Deal, southern England, Monday June 10,