• 1 day. ago Lt Hiroo Onoda hid in the Philippine jungles of Lubang Island and even. Onoda saluted the Rising Sun flag and handed over his Samurai sword Mr Onoda was one of the last Japanese soldiers to surrender at the end of 
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      1 day. ago TOKYO (AP) — Hiroo Onoda, the last Japanese imperial soldier to emerge @ aicnanime : JAPAN Tokyo, Imperial Japan's "last samurai" dies 
    • 21 hours. ago. World War II was over — but not for Hiroo Onoda 16 at age 91, was the last Japanese soldier to come out of hiding in the Philippines, having. Mr Onoda presented his rusted samurai sword, and Marcos returned it after 
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      1 day ago Mr. Onoda was one of World War II's last holdouts, a Japanese Imperial manner and military bearing, seemed to. many like a samurai of old, 
    • 17 January 2014 Last updated at 01:59 ET Hiroo Onoda remained in the jungle on Lubang Island near Luzon, in the Philippines, until 1974. Mr Onoda saluted the Japanese flag and handed over. his Samurai sword while still wearing a 
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      20 hours ago Hiroo Onoda was the last Japanese imperial soldier to emerge from the Japanese flag and symbolically handed over his samurai sword 
    • Trivia about the last of the Japanese samurai Hiroo. Onoda, biography and history of his survival
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      Jun 14, 2010 The last SAMURAI - Japanese Spirit Hiroo Onoda Lubang 1 day. ago. When Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda stumbled out of the Philippine The emaciated Onoda, still carrying his samurai sword and wearing a 
    • 1 day ago. The Second World War was and will remain one of the darkest periods of our. history, but it produced some astounding heroes; one of the last of 
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      It was never a real concept. to begin with Samurai were nothing but a brutal landlord class that abused the peasantry for centuries, and people