• 21 hours. ago World War II was over — but not for Hiroo Onoda in the Philippines, having survived through. thievery, asceticism and undeviating will. (He did not marvel at the small-screen technology, saying that it “irritates my eyes ”).
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      Jun 8, 2010 Hoping for a Japanese counterattack, Onoda and his men did everything to survive in the jungle and prepared themselves to fight till the end.
    • 14 hours ago. Hiroo Onoda, the World War II Japanese intelligence officer who died “In his commitment to survive, in the techniques he used to do so, and 
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      1 day ago Lt. Hiroo Onoda hid in the Philippine jungles of Lubang Island and even in Brazil, as well as opening a series of survival training schools in Japan update the list below with stories we. think you'll love (how we do this)
    • Hiroo Onoda (??? ??, Onoda Hiroo, March 19, 1922 – January 16, 2014). Army intelligence officer who fought in World. War II and did not surrender in 1945 of the war when Mr Onoda returned to Japan" and praised his will to survive.
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      10 hours ago Hiroo Onoda wouldn't accept Japan's. World War II defeat until 1974; He stayed. For 29 years, he survived on food gathered. from the jungle or stolen from Ever the faithful soldier, Onoda did not regret the time he had lost
    • 1 day ago Hiroo Onoda, the last Japanese imperial soldier to emerge from. "I do everything twice as fast so I can. make up for the 30 years," Onoda said As he struggled to feed himself, Onoda's mission became one of survival.
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      1 day. ago When Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda stumbled out of the Philippine jungle Trained to survive behind enemy lines, and to never surrender, Second How did Clarkson still manage to be so offensive while he was asleep?
    • 1 day. ago Hiroo Onoda, an Imperial Japanese. Army officer who remained at his was a deity and the war a sacred mission; who survived on bananas 
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      1 day. ago. Hiroo Onoda was a Japanese Army officer. who hid in the jungle for three. For the next 29 years he survived on a diet of rice, coconuts and meat. “I was always defiant and stubborn in everything. I did,” he said late in life