• Buried treasure in Arkansas exist throughout the State as well as the outlaw Jessie James, were known to have buried many treasures within Arkansas and they have many reference books, and. items like old maps, and newspapers
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      America's Lost Treasures:. Jesse James' Gun Published July 19, 2012 Kinga brings what is purportedly Jesse James' gun back to his birth place for authentication. Real Life Buried Treasure · Photo: Saxon warrior. Santa Anna's Map 2:00
    • We have been asked many times if we believe Jesse James is buried in. and treasure maps she was able to determine that the old family stories are true -- her  
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      Dec 5, 2007 gold encounters a secret society, Jesse. James and his own family's past. search -- for buried treasure, and for his family's links to a secretive, coded treasure maps and conspiracy theories. dating to John Wilkes Booth.
    • Oct 31, 1973 One thing I know, Jesse and Frank James buried one hundred and eighty. And, too, he had a cowhide map which. he said was one of only 
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      Apr 11, 2012 After burying the treasure, Jesse made two lasting signs pointing to the gold. the brass bucket bearing the engraved names and a crude map
    • I found this by doing a web search of "Jesse James Gang in Franklin. and China are fighting over have. Pirate treasure buried on them
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      There is a legend that was passed down from one of Frank and Jesse James friends that in fact had the original map on cowhide of the exact point where the 
    • First among them, at least in terms of notoriety, is Jesse James And not just any maps, but the ones that. helped Joe Hunter, Oklahoma's most. So it is that no one knows how much treasure is secreted. away in caves or buried pots, and no 
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      Apr 26, 2012 There's no doubt that interest in potential Jesse James treasure caches. Some expert treasure hunters and researchers believe KGC agents also buried Stone Maps or Directions. (The famous [or infamous take your pick]