• This is one of the tintypes that came from a photo album I purchased past July I am told most of the other photo's are. people related to, or in fact Jesse James
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      Historical: Tin Types Profile image of Teresa Rogers  May 7, 2013 Tintype images are made directly on a metal plate that is placed into the the only remaining portrait of Jesse. James in existence—a tintype.
    • Zerelda "Zee" James, Wife of Jesse James: A Rare Tintype - Available at. 2013 June 22 - 23 Legends of the Wild West Signature Auction - Dallas #6101
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      Great-granddaughter visits county museum's display of James family. Betty Barr came all the way from Overland Park, Kan , to see the Jesse James tintypes and  
    • Jun 27, 2011. Bill Koch Buys Billy the Kid Tintype Photograph for $2 3 Million at. Auction. George Armstrong Custer, Jesse James, and Frank James, but he 
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      The most famous tintype of Billy The Kid. sold at auction on June 25th, 2011 for. Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday. were all in Las Vegas, New 
    • I believe it was taken in 1875 to commemorate Frank James marriage to Annie Ralston Again, given the fact that the original of the eBay photo is a tintype and 
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      This is our tintype of Jesse Woodson James We acquired this gem sized photo in a great photo album in 2007. Below this photo eas written J James.
    • Jun 25, 2011. A single, original tintype is the only authenticated photo of the Kid in existence Indians and lawmen, including Jesse James and Pat Garrett
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      Jul 10, 2013 Welcome, the Lumiere Tintype Photo Trailer! Turn the clock back 150 years. ago and seeing a Tintype Trailer/Wagon on the street drawn by a