• Jan 9, 2011. If you like Jim Carrey–type humor, last night's Saturday Night Live did not This season has seen opening monologues. that were either pure 
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      Sep 15, 2008. The following are the ten speeches and/or monologues that I have found. Remember the part in Dumb and Dumber when Jim Carrey is 
    • May 26, 2011 After being shot, The Mask (Jim Carrey) gives a dying monologue which. The wildly improvisational Jim Carrey. plays Stanley Ipkiss, 
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      Jun 8, 2011 (Skip to 0:35)*** A little ace ventura. monologue performed by Ryan Jim Carrey Stand-Up Comedy Showby Nikola MBC406,991 views · 4:08.
    • Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Author Jim Carrey Role Ace Ventura Actor Jim Carrey Find Monologues By Actor · Author · Film 
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      Jim Carrey as Joel Barish in a dramatic monologue for men in the film. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 by Charlie Kaufman
    • Tom Shadyac Jim Carrey. EXT. STREET - DAY A UPS Man with a big pot belly is walking down the street, whistling and carelessly tossing a package in the air
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      Jan 8, 2011. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen -- Jim Carrey! Jim Carrey: Thank you! Thank you! How 'bout those Jets, New York? [ the audience cheers ] 
    • May 18, 1996 95t: Jim Carrey / Soundgarden Jim Carrey's Monologue. Jim Carrey Audience Member Adam McKay Announcer: Ladies and. gentlemen 
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      Jim Carrey speaks to the audience as a representative from a. foreign planet, before appeasing them with his catchphrases Find more Saturday. Night Live