• Jan 19, 2011 Kids are not getting. fat at schools. Yes, obesity is at epidemic levels, but don't kid yourselves. that you, and parents don't bear the larger 
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      Jan 3, 2012 If Michelle Obama was fat, Sensenbrenner's. attack would be vicious and Mandolin – the physical stereotype of black women is that they “got 
    • May 14, 2012. Got News? PHOTOS: Michelle Obama. Dazzles In Purple Gown The book claims that Oprah then raged: “Michelle. hates fat people and 
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      Jun 27, 2011 So perhaps Michelle Obama should have thought twice before posing village on Saturday to sample some of the local fare - fat cakes and French fries. Rita Ora got her blonde hair teased into a Marilyn Monroe style 
    • Jun 6, 2011 Why is Michelle Obama's Ass Getting Fatter and Fatter? Is it just me, or does her newfangled "Diet for Prosperity" make all your weight travel to 
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      Michelle Obama walking dog Michelle Obama my beloved First lady has the fattiest piece of steak in the world , has great taste but the fat is unsaturated for a reason to criticize a strong woman and vocal democrat who's got a lot of class
    • Feb 5, 2013 michelle obama shifts her fat into hardened muscle delusion about angry black people getting power. and trying to control what you eat while 
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      First lady Michelle Obama exercises with a hula hoop. during a healthy kids fair on the South Lawn. The Obamas are worried about their daughters getting fat
    • Feb 5, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama. is back in the news again This time around, people aren't obsessing over her new bangs, though They're talking 
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      Oct 17, 2013 Last year when I found out that Michelle. Obama was going on The Biggest. like The Biggest Loser as a platform to promote “getting healthy