• "I am Michelle Obama and I wear the pants in the family Barack Hussein Obama's ugly, big armed, America hating, racist, Angela Davis wannabe, coated  
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      Nov 5, 2008 UPDATE: To see and discuss Michelle Obama's INAUGURATION NIGHT See More about: dress, funny, michelle, obama, POLITICS, ugly.
    • Jun 6, 2011 Truly, the Vogue best dressed, Maxim 100 hottest women, top 12 hottest. As the joke goes, "That was no lady, that was Michelle Obama! more than one full length mirror! i have never seen such ugly clothes on any person, 
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      Jan 7, 2011 Obama's in need of a 'Dress Me Czar' with his buttons - h/t to No Yikes, what's up with Michelle and her obsession with ugly, clunky, 
    • Jul 8, 2013 Forget dissing singers and actors, Amanda has gone after the president! Barack and Michelle Obama have become the latest victims to join 
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      May 23, 2013 That's Michelle Obama's mantra for dressing -- especially when it did not repeat her clothes, they really are ugly Americans in every sense
    • May 28, 2013. Michelle Obama certainly has an enviable. closet, so it's no wonder she If you thought Michelle Obama's. Memorial Day dress -- a pastel Peter. I mean she's just an ugly woman, there's nothing to be said about it really.
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      Aug 14, 2010. Michelle Obama's Mirror (Who should know) sends in this item: x610 Moochelle Obama is fat, ugly, dresses very badly, is a frump, is badly 
    • Mar 7, 2012 She is so ugly and her features and body so large they probably put in these things to Michelle Obama dresses like an. African dictator's wife
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      Dec 30, 2009. a michelle obama ugly 10 Michelle Obama is fugly someone had to say Let me start by saying, we here at. theCHIVE pride ourselves in