• Best Movies I've Watched (incomplete) a list of 41 Your IMDb Profile Top- Rated Genre? Schindler's List -- Winner of 7 Oscars including Best Picture, Steven 
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      Videos. Crash -- Winner of 3 Academy Awards including BEST PICTURE, CRASH takes place. in · Crash -- US Theatrical Trailer from Lions Gate Films 
    • 1 day ago Looking at this year's best-picture nominees, it's no wonder that 12 Years a had a November release, genres that include. 'biography'and 'drama', biopic, race relations, starring a past Oscar winner, with "family tragedy", 
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      Feb 21, 2012 Compare how different film genres have fared in the Academy Awards' best picture. Roll over the decade lines. for nominees and winners.
    • Best Picture Winners The Best Years of. Our Lives (1946) not technically a Best Picture Oscar winner, it won the Best Unique and Artistic Production Oscar, 
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      Feb 22, 2011 As Oscar nears its 83rd ceremony, we pitted these champs against one Why We Think It's a Winner: Best Actress Shirley MacLaine showed us why Why We Think It's a Winner: By now, the mob genre has been done to 
    • Jan 14, 2013 Can a film's release date or genre affect its chances of Oscar The analysis shows that in the last few years, winners have tended to go for a From best film and actor to best line of. dialogue, check out our awards categories
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      View trailers, photos and detailed information about the Academy Awards 2014 Best Picture; Actor in a Leading Role; Actress. in a Leading Role; Actor in a 
    • Dec 27, 2011 A Look at Rating, Runtime, and Genre Over 80 Years of Oscars Nearly 80% of all Best Picture winners after 1960 are longer than 2 hours
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      The 'Best Picture' Academy Awards Genre Biases There are obvious biases in the selection. of Best Picture winners by the Academy (Biases related to acting