• Jump on the ride of your life in this Las Vegas skyscraper hoping showdown Its you and the sky and there's no limit. There is noting quite like. riding in the 
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      Some of the best thrill rides and roller coasters in the world are in the Vegas area In fact, almost all of these rides are at local hotels Here's a rundown of roller 
    • Vegas com's guide to thrill rides including roller coasters, zip lines and other extreme rides
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      Aug 24, 2011 Daredevils of the world have been asking: What's the point of a skyscraper if you can't fling yourself off it? From Las Vegas to Macau to 
    • Stratosphere Casino, Hotel. & Tower official site. Enjoy the most exhilarating Las Vegas thrill. rides at the top of The Stratosphere Tower Stratosphere tower is the  
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      Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower official site. Discover a thrilling Las Vegas amusement park right inside the world-famous Stratosphere Tower Known for its.  
    • Stratosphere Las Vegas. - November 2003 jpg SkyJump Las Vegas, a controlled descent, Bungee jumping-like ride that will Las Vegas area skyscrapers.
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      Nov 6, 2006 The X-Scream ride atop the Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas The ride is suspended over. 900 feet above ground!
    • Dec 1, 2011 Ride on top of the Stratosphere skyscraper, Las Vegas 909ft above ground level!
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      Nov 4, 2012 Scary Ride on top of skyscraper stratosphere las vegas I dont think i would want to ride on this ride on top of a huge tower