• 2 days ago Sarah said a change right now is hopeless, because Harbaugh is locked into his the quarterback has started taping. over the logo for interviews.
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      3 days ago. Take Jim Harbaugh's wife does not like the coach's game day wardrobe, In an interview with KMVQ-FM, Sarah Harbaugh dished on her 
    • 2 days. ago. Jim Harbaugh's look is simple Pleated khakis, black mock turtle neck and black hat His wife, Sarah, spilled the. beans in an interview on 99 7 
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      Feb 2, 2012. "You get sick of all the man food," says Sarah, who's married to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. "We go through the whole. season, Sunday 
    • 2 days ago. "I've thrown (his pants) away many of. times," Sarah Harbaugh told KMVQ-FM this to the San Jose Mercury News, of his wife's radio interview
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      3 days ago. Sarah Harbaugh hates her husband's. pants, and she told 99 7 FM's "Fernando & Greg" in the Bay Area all about it Here's what she said, via 
    • 4 days ago Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah surprises Fernando and Greg by calling in and putting her husband's pleated pants on blast!
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      3 days ago "I've thrown (his pants) away many of times," Sarah Harbaugh told KMVQ-FM. "I threw them out and when he went to the (NFL Scouting) 
    • 3 days. ago. The whole interview is funny, but there is something. mildly interesting to take from it. Sarah said she wanted to change his wardrobe, but she 
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      2 days. ago Now, the best and most endearing part of the interview is Harbaugh's constant fight to maintain his khaki comfort According to Sarah, she has