• 3 days. ago His wife, Sarah, called a local radio station earlier this week to explain that she has nothing to do with Harbaugh's haberdashery. “I will not. take 
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      2 days ago SANTA CLARA, Calif -- Score one for. Sarah Harbaugh. A day after Jim Harbaugh's wife called a San Francisco radio station to talk about her 
    • 3 days. ago We'll take Sarah Harbaugh's word for the last part, but she has tried to at least make it harder for Jim to come to work wearing the same version 
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      2 days. ago 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's wife weighs in on his wardrobe Mrs. Sarah said a change right now is hopeless, because Harbaugh is locked 
    • 3 days. ago Jim Harbaugh really likes those khakis he's often seen wearing on the. in his signature khakis and pull-over black sweatshirt if his wife, Sarah, 
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      3 days. ago. Sarah Harbaugh calls radio show, says San Francisco. 49ers coach needs to get out of his pleated khakis.
    • 3 days ago Jim Harbaugh has a. flattering body That's what his wife, Sarah, told KMVQ-FM (99. 7) in San Francisco. earlier this week We'll just have to 
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      3 days. ago The 49ers head coach wears a very familiar wardrobe for every game. His wife Sarah apparently is not the biggest fan of them, and took to the 
    • 2 days ago If you've ever watched a 49ers game and wondered where Jim Harbaugh buys his khaki pants, Harbaugh's wife Sarah has the answer for you: 
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      3 days ago The 49ers coach's wife, Sarah, blasted her husband for his lack of style on. Jim Harbaugh's tucked-in, pleated khaki look on the sidelines