• I know that we have all heard of the Jesse. James treasure rooms that exist out there There are dozens of these rooms that are being "chalked 
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      Apr 26, 2012 There's no doubt that interest in potential. Jesse James treasure caches is high these days. Television shows about Jesse. and the boys, the 
    • Apr 11, 2012 In an unknown spot east of Cache Creek, the James Gang. buried their stolen treasure in a deep ravine. After burying the treasure, Jesse made 
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      Aug 17, 2013 American Outlaw (by Jesse James) You can view some of their treasure maps at http://www jessejamesintexas. com Enjoy ;) Tagged Gold 
    • Find Jesse James' Hidden Treasure at Amazon com Movies & TV, home of thousands. of titles on DVD and Blu-ray
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      For decades crowds have scoured the Keechi hills looking for loot long buried by famous outlaws such as Frank and Jesse James Now a new generation. of 
    • Sep 9, 2010 Jesse James buried. treasure. We know where it is! Big bucks to come
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      On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed. by Robert Ford, who was a member. This theme resurfaced in a 2009 documentary, Jesse James' Hidden Treasure, 
    • With Bill Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Cole Dresser, Dwayne Dresser By the time Jesse James was killed in 1882, he'd stolen over a million and a half dollars 
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      Jesse James Death Hoax and Buried treasures home page. Learn about the mystery surrounding Jesse James, the lady who solved it and the books she