• It's nice to know that the higher ups are. taking the time to become more familiar with (more than 2 days, but it's a start) riding along to go along with pushing numbers. so sick of seeing under qualified people in these jobs
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      May 20, 2013 The Teamsters and UPS reached agreement on a five-year contract April 25 of more than 2,000 full-time jobs from the ranks of part-time workers. ” to a three- day ride-along with you, to. bully drivers into staying off the list
    • I'm about to do my traditional random pop. ups at Movie theaters & treat some of my Ride Along was so funny , the whole movie theater couldn't stop laughing!
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      With profits down, management is turning up the pressure on package drivers same: maintain your Stops Per On-Road Hour (SPOHR). from your OJS ride or face discipline UPS drivers owe the company a fair day's work for a fair day's pay
    • is a good start… Learn everything you can - history, duties, benefits, and job requirements If possible, go on a ride-along and attend workshops and seminars
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      1 day. ago. The story set here is one of those “only in. the movies” mock-ups that sees a supposed Everything else, including the work. from an otherwise talented. Which is odd, since Ride Along most. resembles a hyperactive child 
    • Apr 15, 2008 The ladies of the Maus family test riding a Dutch "Opa" last summer In this A tag-along bike can easily be added to many other bike set-ups 
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      For information on current employment opportunities with the Joint Venture, please contact our o Monitor the drivers to prevent late Pick Ups and Drop Offs.
    • 1 day ago. Despite the PG-13 rating, “Ride Along” is too profane to recommend for. younger than 17, “Lone Survivor” is a war story for grown-ups
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      Dec 22, 2010. chance to suit up and ride along as temporary United Parcel Service driver After losing his job with Peet's Coffee & Tea, Bill Hackel landed